Business Administrator & Marketing Professional
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Motivated marketing planning & sales management professional with an accomplished background of  successful marketing Techniques and exceeding sales goal with a direct hand approach; recognized for understanding the market, planning the strategies, implementing unique techniques, training the staff, motivating the employees to push their level of performance.
Business Developer & Marketing professional with 5 years experience developing profitable marketing campaign and strategies, area of expertise include

·         Business development support
·         Campaign planning and execution
·         Event management and promotion
·         Web site developing and management
·         Strategic marketing planning
·         Trade show and event planning
·         Brand management
·         Promotional campaign
·         project team leadership
·         Research and analyses
·         Direct mail & email campaign
·         E commerce and Internet marketing

City online, ISP, Pakistan (2000 to 2006)

Sales and marketing manager; promoted to this position after 2years of employment based on internal marketing success. Generated a new business with mail and email campaigns, developed mutually partnership with other businesses and created opportunities to advertise products on their web sites.

·         Developed, innovated and promoted business through yahoo ecommerce
·         Designed an attractive web site to display and advertise business product
·         Delivered 25% sales growth through development of innovative internet marketing techniques and creation of effective online sales material

Islamabad Traffic Police, Islamabad, Pakistan (2008 to 2009)
Research & management officer; Conducted a traffic survey and presented a report to IG traffic police. 5000 people were interviewed about traffic problems and solutions. At present ITP is one of the transparent and highly attributed institutions in Pakistan.

·         Designed & developed a survey team, formulated questionnaire, trained the personal, monitoring the performance, draw up final consequences and presented to authorities and published in daily journals.

Preston University, Islamabad, Pakistan (2008-2009)
Marketing team leader; contracted to highly performed graphic designers to setup attractive marketing material, designing a competitive and compelling marketing campaigns for Radios shows, organized launch celebration for introduction, improved client relationship by creating customer feed back data base, promoted university website in Ecommerce & yahoo groups, increased brand awareness, at the Present university has more than 5000 Students enrolled.
Google inc. Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (2008 to present)
Google Content publisher; advertised Google products internationally, brought advertisement, blogged and published new contents, Designed & Published Websites, Wrote articles, support Business Development

Education & Qualification
·         Master degree in Business Administration
·         Preston university, Islamabad, Pakistan 2009
·         Master degree in Political Science
·         B Z university, Multan, Pakistan 2008
·         Master degree in Economics
·         University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan 2010
·         Diversificational Knowledge Ground
·         More than 100 books on various topics are discussed

Computer application
Efficient in computer all general applications (software & Hardware)
Present Employment
Working as Marketing & Management lecturer in Panah Chiet University, Cambodia

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