Set on the confluence of the Tonle Sap, Tonle Bassac and Mekong rivers, the capital also offers its share of charm, and most large hotels such as the charming French colonial L'Royale have honeymoon suites and packages. Like Siem Reap, Phnom Penh's boutique accommodation sector is growing, and hotels like Manor House have become homes away from home for same sex couples on honeymoon. Cambodia is extremely welcoming of same sex couples. Cambodia provides an ideal and different honeymoon destination idea for anyone, whatever their desires.

Kong Sreymon, former freshier girls, is a movie actress, playing with her boyfriend at beach in Sihanoukville.

Looking for a place to start or expand your business and Cambodia is one of the potential locations on your list? Or thinking of investing and becoming one of the first businesses to make a fortune in the country but don't know where and how to start? Or having some troubles in the middle of planning a business in Cambodia and looking for information that helps you through? We are glad if you are, for this is what A Quick Guide to Doing Business in Cambodia is all about! It is intended to provide you with basic information regarding Cambodia's business opportunities and decisive steps to help you get your business started in the country of business opportunities.
The Guide supplies readers with economic data collected from reliable sources such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank (WB), the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) which have all been working closely in the field of business and economy of Cambodia. The authors, ROS Bophana and Y Samphy, hope that A Quick Guide to Doing Business in Cambodia is informative and reliable enough for those of you who are considering Cambodia for your new or expanded business location and that the steps provided are of service to those of you who are one of the first businesspeople to make a fortune on this land where people are doing everything in their energy to promote the country politically and economically.

List of Industial Parks/Zones in Cambodia

(Source: CDC)

1. Koh Kong SEZ   
1) Company Name Koh Kong International Resort Club
2) Location Neang Kok Village, Pakkhlong Commune, Mundul Seyma Destrict, Koh Kong Province
3) Land area 336 Ha
4) Capital N.A   
5) Company owner Okhna Ly Yong Phat
6) License from CDC: LetterNo.3399/02 dated 26 November 2002
7) Sub-Decree: Not yet

2. Suoy Chheng SEZ
1) Company NameSuoy Chheng Investment Co., Ltd.
2) Location: Neang Kok Village, Pakkhlong Commune, Mundul Seyma Destrict, Koh Kong Province
3) Land Area 100Ha
4) Capital 14 Million
5) Company owner Mrs. Kao Suoy Chheng   
6) License from CDC Letter no. 3391/02 dated 26 November 2002
7) Sub-decree Not yet

3- Sihanoukville SEZ   
1) Company Name: Cambodia International Investment Development Group Co., Ltd.
2) Location Stung Hav District, Sihanoukville City
3) Land area 178 Ha
4) Capital US$100 Millions
5) Company Owner Oknha Lav Meng Khin
6) License from CDC No. 1966/98 dated 04 September1998
7) Sub-Decree No. 113 dated 25 October 2006

4. Sihanoukville port SEZ
1) Company Name:    Sihanoukville Authonomous Port         
2) Location    Sihanoukville         
3) Land Area    70 Ha         
4) Capital    N/A        
5) Company owner    Sihanoukville Port /ODA Loan from Japan         
6) License from CDC    In the process         
7) Sub-decree    Not yet

5. S.N.C SEZ
1) Company Name: SNC Lavilin (Cambodia) Holding Limited
2) Location Sangkat Bet Trang, Khan Prey Nob , Sihanoukville 
3) Land area 150 Ha
4) Capital US$14 Million
5) Company owner Oknha Kong Triv
6) License from CDC Letter No. 3388/02 November 26, 2002
7) Sub-Decree Not yet

6. Stung Hao SEZ
1) Company Name: Attwood Investment Group Co., Ltd
2) Location: Sangkat O Tres, Stung Hav District, Sihanoukville
3) Land area 192 Ha.
4) Capital US$14 Millions
5) Company owner Ms. Lim Chhiv Ho
6) License from CDC Letter No. 544/05 dated February 18, 2005
7) Sub-Decree No. 50 dated March 25, 2005

7. N.L.C SEZ
1) Company Name: N.L.C. Import Export Co., Ltd.   
2) Location Phum Prey Phdao abd Phum Thlok, Khum Chrok Mtes, Srok Svay Teab, Sray Rieng Province
3) Land area 105 Ha.
4) Capital US$13 Million
5) Company owner Ms. Leang Vouch Chheng
6) License from CDC Letter No. 2403/05 dated 15 July 2005
7) Sub-Decree Not yet

8. Manhattan SEZ
1) Company Name Manhattan International Co., Ltd.
2) Location Bavet Commune, Chantrea District, Sray Rieng Province
3) Land area 157 Ha.
4) Capital UD$15 Million
5) Company owner Mr. Clement Yang (Taiwan)
6) License from CDC Letter No. 2942/05 dated 28 August 2005
7) Sub-Decree No.135 dated 29 November 2006
8) Project Implementation
1) The company already built infrastructure, connecting power grid from Viet Nam and Fencing of the first phase of 70 Ha.
2) To date, there are three investment companies in this SEZ:
-  Best Way Industry Co., Ltd.(Taiwan): Bicycle production with 350 workers with a plan to increase to 1,000 workers
-  S.Y.G. Steel International Co., Ltd. (Taiwan): Screw production with 108 workers
-  Kingmaker, shoes factory is under construction.

9- Tai Seng Bavet SEZ
1) Company Name Tai Seng Bavet SEZ
2) Location Bavet District, Svay Rieng Province
3) Land area 99 Ha
4) Capital US$ 37 Million
5) Company Owner Mr. Ly Hong Shin
6) License from CDC in the process
7) Sub-Decree Not yet

10. Chhay Chhay  O’Neang SEZ

1) Company Name Chhay Chhay Investment Ltd
2) Location Poipet Commune and Nimit Commune,    O’ Chhrov District, Banteay Meanchey Province
3) Land area 467Ha.
4) Capital US$15 Million
5) Company owner Oknha Oum Chhay
6) License from CDC Letter No. 3412/05 dated 07 October 2005
7) Sub-Decree No. 57 dated 01 June 2006

11. Doung Chhiv Phnom Den SEZ

1) Company Name Doung Chhiv Special Economic Zone Ltd.
2) Location Kiri Vong District, Takeo Province
3) Land area 79 Ha.
4) Capital US$28 Million
5) Company owner Oknha Doung Chhiv
6) License from CDC No.268SarChorNor dated 20 February 2006
7) Sub-Decree No.140 dated 08 December 2006

12. Phnom Penh SEZ

1) Company Name Phnom Penh SEZ Co., Ltd.
2) Location Khan Dangkao, Phnom Penh and Ang Snuol District, Kandal Province
3) Land area 350 Ha.
4) Capital US$68 Million
5) Company owner Ms. Lim Chhiv Ho
6) License from CDC No.268SarChorNor dated 20 February 2006
7) Sub-Decree No. 33 dated 19 April 2006

13- Kampot SEZ

1) Company Name Kampot SEZ Co., Ltd.
2) Location Koh Toch commune, Kampot district, Kampot Province
3) Land area 145 Ha.
4) Capital US$15 Million
5) Company owner Oknha Vinh Huor
6) License from CDC No. 1947/06 dated 23 May 2006
7) Sub-Decree Not yet

14- Oknha Mong SEZ

1) Company Name Oknha Mong Port Co.,Ltd
2) Location Srea Ambel District, Koh Kong Province
3) Land area 100 Ha
4) Capital US$ 40.107.080
5) Company Owner Oknha Mong Rithy
6) License from CDC In the process
7) Sub-Decree    Not yet
15- Goal Fame Pak Shun SEZ

1) Company Name Goldfame Pak shun SEZ Co.,Ltd
2) Location Sa Ang District, Kandal Province
3) Land area 80 Ha
4) Capital US$ 34.462.510
5) Company Owner Mr. Chan Ji Kvong
6) License from CDC In the process
7) Sub-Decree Not yet

Every year it takes 15 days to celebrate the ancestor's day during the dark night without moon (no moon light). People in each village take turn to bring food to the Temple where monks stay. The culture enables people to celebrate this event from year to years according to their believes.
The story was about the the Karma issues that caused their ancestors to become Pret with many sufferings according to their bad deeds in their past life. So reflect yourself now, how many bad deed you did in this life may turn to your next life according to this believe during Pchum Ben day.
It was told from the older generation that if their ancestors cannot find them in 7 temples (pagodas), their ancestors (ugly pret) will curse them. So it is believe that their ancestors are still doing bad thing even though they are already died and past away. Cursing their newer generations or their children is not supposed to do. What if their children move to live in other country for example and their ancestors passed away in Cambodia. Their ancestors trying hard to look for their children at 7 temples in Cambodia but still cannot find them but their children offer foods to them at other temple in the current country that they are living. Is the Pret ancestors still curse them? No wonder, if cannot be found in 7 temples they will curse for sue. What is the point to give them food?

The legal personality continues until the Ministry of Commerce issues the Certificate of Dissolution, which means it can be sued and still has ongoing obligations. The company will also need to have an official audit performed by the Department of Taxation, which can be somewhat costly. Hopefully the company still has some assets that can be set-aside for these expenses.

Closing a company in Cambodia can be much longer and expensive than opening one, but needs to be done properly nonetheless. The Council for the Development of Cambodia recently warned companies to formally close down according to the law, if they’re no longer doing business.

Rather than declaring bankruptcy or dissolving, owners of failed companies too often simply take what they can and walk away. This leaves behind the legal entity, which still must file taxes and make the annual declaration to the Ministry of Commerce. The ghost company can also be sued, even though it probably won’t have any assets remaining. The real danger is that directors and shareholders be held personally liable for the unpaid taxes, and fines, for the ghost company.

 The Association is named "The British Business Association of Cambodia", formed in July 1996. All references to Great Britain, Britain, British etc. shall be taken as meaning Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The Association shall be composed of companies or other entities that have been elected as Ordinary Members by the existing membership. All Members shall be engaged in enterprises in the field of trade, industry, finance, economics or other business activity, and shall be deemed by the electing Members to be able to contribute to and benefit from the objectives of the Association. The Objectives of the Association are as follows:

  • To promote all areas of business activity and relations between the countries of Great Britain and Cambodia;
  • To assist members of the Association in the promotion of all areas of their business activities between the countries of Great Britain and Cambodia;
  • To provide advice, ideas and suggestions for British business interests in Cambodia and to provide a business forum for Members to consult one another; and
  • To compile news, information and statistics on trade in general, on industrial affairs, on legal and financial matters and any other business activities worthy of interest, for distribution to members, when and if appropriate.

Encourage and support development of the Malaysian business community in Cambodia and Malaysian investment in Cambodia. Promoting and encouraging Malaysian Businesses to establish and maintain the highest standards of business, management and professional practice in order to upkeep the image of Malaysia. Providing a forum for monthly meetings, discussions and inter-action for Malaysian business and governmental personnel in Cambodia. Encouraging Malaysian investment and fostering relations with the business community in Cambodia.The very fact that you are reading this message attests to your interest in Malaysian Business Council of Cambodia (MBCC) and for this I wish to express my profound gratitude for your kind gesture. This association exists to serve the collective interests of its members. Please feel free to use the information provided in the membership listing to contact any one of our members. Alternatively, should you require more specific information, you are welcome to contact our Secretariat.

Welcome to the official blog of Singapore Polytechnic’s School of Business Operation Cambodia 2007. Between 26 August 2007 and 6 September 2007, 17 students and 2 lecturers from School Business were in Cambodia on a trip to challenge their perspectives. The team arrived in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia and stayed there for a night. During the day, we had visited the Chong Ek Killing Fields and Tous Sleng S21 Museum-Both remnants of the Khmer Rougue Regime. We also had a chance to visit ESPECA Orphanage and be entertained by the residents with their performances. We had a rare honour and oppurtunity to visit the Documentation Center.

The team had spent 7days at Hope Village, Prey Veng Province. The orphanage run by Operation Hope Foundation, Singapore had 105 children. We were tasked with teaching English to 37 students from grade 4 and above for the next five days. We were also given the oppurtunity make soap from scratch and distribute them in a village by going through an “action-packed and suspense” trip.

Strong economic growth, low startup costs, and a wealth of untapped markets make Cambodia an attractive environment for starting up a business. Many foreigners arriving with no intention of becoming an entrepreneur, find themselves opening their first business in this exciting marketplace.
Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur coming here to start another venture, or are transitioning to self-employment for the first time, properly establish your company in full compliance with the law is crucial. While many businesses operate informally, many more have been shut down or encounter ongoing problems from the authorities. Spending the time and money to do everything properly is the only way to avoid potentially insurmountable hassles in the future.

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Until recently, Cambodia remained a chaotic and generally difficult place to live and work.  In 1999, the political situation stabilized as the government made efforts to get the guns off the street and to curb corruption.  Cambodian wages remain low. Textile, handicraft and other labor intensive businesses may find this an interesting place to get started

Businesses For Sale in Cambodia

Eight returning refugee's from Battambang have taken what they have learnt in a cultural workshop during their time spent in a refugee camp on the Thai border, and now help other refugees, Cambodia's poor, orphans and handicapped to overcome trauma through artistic expression.
The group is based on the outskirts of Battambang in Cambodia. They combine a circus with music, as well as providing school for over 400 students. The Phare Ponleu Selpak NGO gives Cambodian children from poor and disabled families the opportunity to "have access to culture via different artistic activities" including music, drawing drama, dancing and circus. The performances are often an opportunity for the circus to educate the community as well as the children involved about issues such as HIV/AIDS, landmines and children’s rights.

Khmer classical dance is believed to derive from Indian court dance, which traces its origins to the apsaras(see pic1) of Hindu mythology, heavenly female nymphs who were born to dance for the gods. The traditions of Thailand and Java (in Indonesia) also influenced the music and dance of Cambodia.

THE KHMER ARTS ENSEMBLE, 30 dancers and musicians from Cambodia, performing a new work that blends the spectacular with the meditative, the traditions of the Royal Court dance with the perspectives of a contemporary Cambodian

The Old Town School of Folk Music, in partnership with the Cambodian Association of Illinois, presents an evening of traditional Cambodian music and dance. The troupe features master Cambodian musicians Bun San and Song San leading a traditional pinpeat (pluck and strike) musical ensemble complemented by folk and classical dance under the direction of Sareth and Sarun Kong. Join Cambodian artists who have made tremendous sacrifices to preserve these treasured traditions in the face of enormous odds.

Thavro Phim, who came of age under the Pol Pot regime and lost many of his close family members to the genocide inflicted by the Khmer Rouge.  During this horrific period, nearly 90 percent of the dancers were executed or died of starvation or disease. His Buddhist faith and his dedication to the study, performance, and teaching of Cambodian classical dance, particularly his representation of Hanuman, the magical white monkey are key in surviving and finding his identity. The film includes footage of dance as it struggled to survive in the prisons, the refugee camps and as it emerged after the downfall of the Khmer Rouge. In the film, we also learn about Yale’s Cambodian Genocide Project and see Thavro return to Cambodia to find his remaining family and teachers.

A master of Cambodian classical dance, Em Theay is among the 1-in-10 artists who survived mass-murder under Pol Pot. In several books dedicated to Khmer Royal Dance, she is referred to as the Tenth Artist. Born in 1932, Em Theay´s love of dance began when Queen Kossamak noticed her at age 7 and began training her as a classical dancer for the Royal Court.  During the Khmer rouge period, nearly all Em Theay’s family were killed, and only 5 of her 18 children survived. After the war, Em Theay returned to dancing and has been designated a Master of Performing Arts by the Ministry of Culture. At age 78, she continues to train young Cambodians in the art of Khmer Royal Dance.

He was the Supreme Patriarch Kana Mahanikaya of Cambodia. He spent his life working for conservation of the Khmer language and promoting Khmer identity and history. His achievements include the development of a comprehensive Khmer dictionary and the composition of Cambodia’s national anthem, Nokor Reach, as well as Savada Khmer. He also oversaw the translation of the entire Buddhist cannon from Pali to Khmer. Considered the Shakespeare of Cambodia, Venerable Chhuon Nath is one of Cambodia’s most famous and knowledgeable monks.

What happens when beauty and strength fades; what if you have to choose between working as a dancer or marrying the love of your life; how can you combine a professional career with taking care of your family; and what if you get injured and have to stop doing what you love to do most..?

Bob is blessed with two beautiful assistants who are among the most promising dancers and choreographers of Cambodia. After being Bob’s choreography assistant in the first three weeks of the rehearsals, Abelle is now proving to be a very talented production assistant as well, while Kethya works wonders with her classical based but highly contemporary dance moves.

Over the centuries, Cambodia’s artists and musicians have inspired and shaped Khmer culture and society.  But decades of conflict led to the disappearance of many leading artists, nearly destroying the transmission of precious cultural knowledge. Staging the concerts at Angkor links today’s performers with Cambodia’s extraordinary archeological heritage.

To promote Cambodia as a destination and showcase the Kingdom’s finest musical heritage, 13 year old Khmer soprano bosbaPANH and the Living National Treasures of Cambodia will stage two special concerts at the Bayon Temple, Angkor Wat, Siem Reap on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th February 2011.  Special guests from Paris, Hong Kong, San Diego and San Jose (USA) will come to Cambodia for these performances. Bayon temple will come to life with an elegant display of light and sound.

 Paying tribute to both known and unknown Khmer artists, surviving master artists and international musicians will join bosbaPANH to take the audience on a musical journey spanning 900 years from Queen Indradevi, wife of King Jayavarman VII – the great builder of Angkor – to Queen Kossamak, mother of King Father Norodom Sihanouk.

Over the centuries, Cambodia’s artists and musicians have inspired and shaped Khmer culture and society.  But decades of conflict led to the disappearance of many leading artists, nearly destroying the transmission of precious cultural knowledge. Staging the concerts at Angkor links today’s performers with Cambodia’s extraordinary archeological heritage.

The Royal Thai Dancers and Musicians are appearing in Hawaii in connection with the visit of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand on Feb. 29 and March 1. Although the two concerts will be the ensemble’s only full performances, brief selections will also be offered at the princess’ dedication of the royal Thai pavilion at the East-West Center on Saturday, March 1 at 10:30 a.m., and at the East-West Center’s gala “International Affair” dinner on the evening of Feb. 29, where the princess will be the guest of honor. The pavilion dedication event is free and open to the public, while the cost for the dinner is $200.

Eleven of Thailand’s finest traditional musicians and dancers will be giving concert performances at the East-West Center on March 1 and 2. The company, drawn from among the most accomplished masters in the Thai government’s Royal Fine Arts Department in Bangkok, will perform classical and folk styles from diverse regions of Thailand, including the impressive Khon mask dance, which depicts the Ramayana story.

Leading the ensemble’s five musicians will be Dr. Sirichaicharn Fackjamroon, who studied ethnomusicology in Hawaii as an East-West Center participant in the 1970s and has since served as president of a number of arts institutions in Thailand, as well as musical tutor to members of the Thai royal family. Wooden xylophones figure prominently in Thai traditional music, and a folk dance from Thailand’s northeast region, Isan, will include a type of xylophone known as bonglang, which is a delight to watch as well as hear.
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