The Association is named "The British Business Association of Cambodia", formed in July 1996. All references to Great Britain, Britain, British etc. shall be taken as meaning Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The Association shall be composed of companies or other entities that have been elected as Ordinary Members by the existing membership. All Members shall be engaged in enterprises in the field of trade, industry, finance, economics or other business activity, and shall be deemed by the electing Members to be able to contribute to and benefit from the objectives of the Association. The Objectives of the Association are as follows:

  • To promote all areas of business activity and relations between the countries of Great Britain and Cambodia;
  • To assist members of the Association in the promotion of all areas of their business activities between the countries of Great Britain and Cambodia;
  • To provide advice, ideas and suggestions for British business interests in Cambodia and to provide a business forum for Members to consult one another; and
  • To compile news, information and statistics on trade in general, on industrial affairs, on legal and financial matters and any other business activities worthy of interest, for distribution to members, when and if appropriate.
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