Every year it takes 15 days to celebrate the ancestor's day during the dark night without moon (no moon light). People in each village take turn to bring food to the Temple where monks stay. The culture enables people to celebrate this event from year to years according to their believes.
The story was about the the Karma issues that caused their ancestors to become Pret with many sufferings according to their bad deeds in their past life. So reflect yourself now, how many bad deed you did in this life may turn to your next life according to this believe during Pchum Ben day.
It was told from the older generation that if their ancestors cannot find them in 7 temples (pagodas), their ancestors (ugly pret) will curse them. So it is believe that their ancestors are still doing bad thing even though they are already died and past away. Cursing their newer generations or their children is not supposed to do. What if their children move to live in other country for example and their ancestors passed away in Cambodia. Their ancestors trying hard to look for their children at 7 temples in Cambodia but still cannot find them but their children offer foods to them at other temple in the current country that they are living. Is the Pret ancestors still curse them? No wonder, if cannot be found in 7 temples they will curse for sue. What is the point to give them food?
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