Eleven of Thailand’s finest traditional musicians and dancers will be giving concert performances at the East-West Center on March 1 and 2. The company, drawn from among the most accomplished masters in the Thai government’s Royal Fine Arts Department in Bangkok, will perform classical and folk styles from diverse regions of Thailand, including the impressive Khon mask dance, which depicts the Ramayana story.

Leading the ensemble’s five musicians will be Dr. Sirichaicharn Fackjamroon, who studied ethnomusicology in Hawaii as an East-West Center participant in the 1970s and has since served as president of a number of arts institutions in Thailand, as well as musical tutor to members of the Thai royal family. Wooden xylophones figure prominently in Thai traditional music, and a folk dance from Thailand’s northeast region, Isan, will include a type of xylophone known as bonglang, which is a delight to watch as well as hear.
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