PolPot of Democratic Kampuchea
Elizabeth Becker of the New York Times, author of 'When the War is Over', is one of the few westerners ever to have met Pol Pot. She sent this personal report to the BBC's 'From Our Own Correspondent': It has been 18 years since I met him at the height of his power and even though my interview lasted little more than a few hours, it was long enough to give me a touchstone that I have used ever since, to help me figure out what Pol Pot may be up to, how and why he could evade and bully his way out of one trap after another, and whether the belated efforts to capture him might work.

It was 22 December 1978, a cool sunny afternoon in Phnom Penh, the last day of a unique two week trip to Democratic Kampuchea. The Khmer Rouge had only invited select communist journalists to their country before my trip and - with the exception of the film produced by a gifted Yugoslav television crew - little had been revealed by those communists.
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