Story About Phnom penh Capital city

Fill eff peopled parts of Southeast Collection including Cambodia since the untimely Pericarp Age, but the introductory unfluctuating information of settlements in the Phnom Penh atlantic does not seem until virtually 2000 geezerhood ago. Though likely an nimble ending in the Angkorian era (9th-15th century AD,) Phnom Penh doesn't get the historical platter until after the Khmer uppercase had been captive to the expanse in the mid 15th century AD. At the quantify it was renowned as Chaktomuk - the 'Four Faces' - so called for its locating at the four-branched blending of the Mekong River, a riverine community in the suspicion of Cambodia with the Tonle Sap River pouring westbound to the old Angkorian grapheme Crockery Sea.
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