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Cambodia to buy more locomotives from China
A Cambodian train driver poses for a photo with a locomotive made in China at the Cambodia's Railway Station in Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia Dec. 20, 2004. Two new locomotives from China were put into operation Monday in Cambodian railway.

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Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone (Phnom Penh SEZ) launched its second phase of development ahead of schedule in February 2011. Phase 1 has been completed with all lots sold, booked and occupied as client interest in the Cambodian market rises faster than anticipated. 2011 looks very promising. Since 2009 things have been quiet due to the global economic crisis, but we have used 2010 to restructure and streamline our operations, refresh our brand and prepare for the launch of Phase II of our 365 hectare zone,” says Phnom Penh SEZ Managing Director Hiroshi Uematsu. “Launching Phase II, a year before our original plan, is a very positive sign not only for Phnom Penh but also for Cambodia in general

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