Ever played a game in your youth that reminds you how intense the battle was just to win a single game back then? To look back here are some of the most famous traditional Games in Cambodia:

Ongkunh is a kind of vine that is grown in Cambodia; it is usually consisted of a large stem and contains big and long fruits. Each fruit of the Ongkunh has several seeds that are circular and at the same time flat, with around 2-3 inches in diameter. When the fruit gets ripe the seed becomes hard and smooth and slolwly becomes color dark brown. The seed is the one that is used in the game Ongkunh. The said game Ongkunh is just to put it simply you just need to throw your Ongkunh in order to hit the opposing teams Ongkunh. 

It is a game of two teams to play, a group of girls as one team and the group of boys for the other team. A scarf is tied into knots until it becomes like a large ball with loose edges to grip and throw it. It starts when boy’s team throw the chhoung into the girls’ team. If the girls weren’t able to catch it they must pick it up and throw it back. The next boy who got the chhoung can try to hit the girl he likes with it, if the girl is hit she will need to sing and dance for him, if not it’s the girl’s team turn now to hit the boys.

Teanh Proart 
Proart means rope or a line, Teanh on the other hand means pull. It is much the same as our game the tug ‘o’ war. Girls and boys once again need to form into two groups one for the boys and one for the girls. And when the game starts the other team that crosses the line loses.

It is nice to look back and remember our youth days, just like anyone of us, Cambodia as well has their very own memorable games they can remember as they grow older.

Cambodia boosts of having one of the largest, diversified and modern complex in Phnom Penh. The shopping mall is located south of the central market on street 63. The customers have all the reasons to be happy because they can get almost everything they want within a single building. The shopping mall has eight storey buildings covering an area of 40,000 square meters. 

The buildings are well equipped with the modern technological developments such as passenger lifts, escalators and air conditioning systems that are centralized within the buildings. It has five floors. Modification and expansion of the building is still ongoing to accommodate the increasing number of visitors visiting the place. The country has not stopped at this as the largest shopping center; constructions are still going on to build larger shopping centers.

Within the city are the traditional local markets scattered all over. In addition to this are supermarkets, silk shops, boutique shops, shopping malls, souvenir shops, mini marts, stores, retail shops and art galleries. Some of the supermarkets include Lucky supermarket which is situated on the ground floor, top floor is specifically spared for entertainment while at the fourth floor is the City Mart Sports supply among others. 

Credit cards are accepted as a mode of payment. ATMs dispensing US Dollars are placed in many locations; this makes buying very easy as the prices are in US Dollars. It is possible to exchange travelers’ checks at a fee. This is mainly done at the banks during the normal banking hours. There are also money changers doing the exchanges especially after the closing hours of the banks. Bargaining is a thing of the past because most of the shops have marked prices. The only exception is the small retail shops where you can bargain over the prices.

When in Phnom Penh and you require internet services you always never far away from an internet café or shop. The rates are always below one USD Per hour. There are several internet providers in Phnom Penh and they include Angkor Net, Online, Mekong Net, Ezecom, Telesurf and wireless and most of them have reasonable prices. There are also prepaid internet cards available in supermarkets and many shops. In the recent times many restaurants and cafes such M-café, café sentiment and the corner restaurant offer free internet access.

Un like in many other countries which see internet cafes as a source information and advancement in telecommunication technology in Cambodia the government is threatened by the opening of an internet café to the extent that the Cambodian government mandated all internet café and shop owners to install security/ surveillance Cameras and register all names of customers as a crime prevention measure. Then later Cambodian government banned all Internet cafes from operating from within 500 meters of an educational building or a school. 

All this came about because the Ministry of posts and Telecommunications thought that crimes like Murder, extortion, robbery, human trafficking, drug trafficking pornography and many immoral acts that affect Phnom Penh and the whole of Cambodia tradition and social morality. And there was also a problem of many youth getting addicted to the internet based game.

The ministry warned all the internet cafes and shops that operated in such zone to vacate or their equipment would be confiscated and they would be closed down and they would face arrest and if a crime was committed in your café then the penalty would be higher.

Despite all that there hundred of internet cafes in the Phnom Penh city area vitally at every street coner

Phnom Penh international air port formerly known as Pochentong international Airport is the largest Airport in Phnom Penh city capital of Cambodia containing land area of 387 hectares. It is located ten (10) west of the country’s Capital.
In 1995 the royal government of Cambodia and the French-Malaysian joint venture company Socie’te Concessionaire d’Ae’roport signed a concession agreement to run the PhnomPenh-pochentong International Airport. SCA-70% owned by the Groupe GTM and the 30 percent owned by the Muhibbah Masterron of Malaysia agreed to commit 100 million US dollars the improvement program that would include the construction of a new runway, cargo buildings and terminal, Installation of a Cat III level instrument Landing system (ILS), Hangars and associated lighting in return for a 20 year concession. The Berger provided independent Engineering services during the concession and it was selected by the RGC. It advised on the practicality and the cost of the concessions proposed improvements and the Audit. The Berger group team also supervised the initial works.

Phnom Penh international Airport today has a 220,000 sq ft terminal building. The building which cost 20 million US dollars includes over 1000 auto packing services, five mobile Aerobridges, CIP and VIP facilities. The dairy queen was one of the first international franchises to open shop in this international Airport.

Today the Airport is a destination of dozens of passenger and cargo airlines every day. It has a total capacity two million passengers.

Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia, without interruption, since 1862. The functions of political and economic capital enable the city to have a GDP of approximately $1.4 billion US dollars (2003) which is 28% of the national GDP. That is to approximately $1.140 per capita, three times more than the average of the country. (http://www.phnompenh.gov.kh/phnom-penh-city-advantages-37.html)
There are several business and investment opportunities in Phnom Penh and the charming city is always promoting the and these include the following sectors. Mill product Textile manufacturing, Agro processing and commercial agriculture, Production of crops, Fishing and fish processing production of live stock, production and manufacturing of food and food related products. Also opportunities exist in the activities that exploit production and protect the Environment. Light manufacturing and manufacture of garments, Manufacture and production of apparels and other textiles. Manufacture of electronic and other electric equipments. Construction and infrastructure development, Bridge and high way construction, Production of Industrial equipment and machinery, Manufacture of equipment and transportation machinery, Opportunities are also in offering services of health and Education like Educational facilities that meet international standards, Medical facilities that meet international standards, Vocational Training centers of tourism. Construction of Hotels and construction of the physical structures that support cultural and tourism sectors.

Phnom Penh is the capital and the largest city in Cambodia. The capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, is located at the confluence of three rivers - Bassac, Tonle Sap and the Mekong. It is divided into three sections - the centre or the heart with its narrow lanes, markets, foods stalls and shops, the south or the French part of the city with its ministries, banks and colonial houses and the north, an attractive residential area. Over the past years the city has undergone great changes and businesses are coming up and the tourism industry is booming once again after the decades of war. The country has very Liberal investment Laws and more investors have put their money in the City. The city’s old buildings and private villas, the green spaces and parks are a reminder of the French colonial Heritage and the people of Phnom Penh always have a smile for you.
The royal Palace was built on the site of the Banteay Kev which is a citadel that was built in 1813 and is a stone throw away from the Tonles Sap river. Several buildings are on the palace grounds and these include Chan Chhaya Pavilion and this is a venuefor dance performances, The trone Room of prasat Tevea Vinichhay which is for coronation of Kings then there is the Khemarin. The walls that surround the compound depict the scenes from Ramayana and are covered with frescos.

In the city you will also find the Independence monument that was built in 1958. In Cambodia’s Capital Phnom Penh independence is cerebrated every 9th of November. The independence monument has a unique style and is also a reminder of the patriots who died to free their country

In Phnom Penh city you find the Watphnom which on a tree covered hill , The first Pagoda was built in 1373 and was meant to house 4 statues of Buddha that were brought by the Mekong river. The Place was discovered by a woman called Penh and thus the name Phnom Penh which translates in English Hill of Penh.

Phnom Penh has museums like the National Museum of Cambodia, Tuolsleng museum, and it also has the Cheung Killing Fields 

All in all Phnom Penh is a wonderful place full of ancient structures from the Khmer Kingdom.

Party dancing in Cambodia

Just like everywhere else joining the trend, there is also party here in Cambodia. Dance Clubs and bars that offers a great experience if you are used to that kind of culture. Well if you are not, then you are welcomed to experience a life of a party animal here in my article.

Partying has now became a trend in youth and young adults, where you go to a club, dance with the crowd and party wild like there is no more tomorrow.

Cambodia didn’t escape this trend as well, and instead of fighting the wave they welcome this trend and they just go with the flow.

Here is a story of a back packer who visited a bar in Cambodia.

While he was staying in a dormitory, the owner invited him to go to one of the famous joints/ clubs in the Siem Reap together with his 2 Austrian friends he just met, they are supposed to go to the club at midnight and when they have reached the club, this backpacker who is not so accustomed in such ways, has just one of the greatest culture shock of his life. In the dance floor, he saw friends he just met earlier that day in his tours, wearing more trendy outfits, and just came into realization that this was really the life of a back packer. Hit the roads early in the morning; visit all of the best tourist spots in the afternoon and at midnight party like a wild animal.

Later on as the party continue, their circle of friends which started like 10 people in the circle began expanding, and thinking that this was his wildest party that he ever attended, an hour after midnight one of his girl friends in their ever growing circle just confessed to him, that a tall guy from Netherlands asked her to go with him on his apartment, and to no surprise the girl said yes, and minutes after they were gone like the wind.

Thinking that it was the wildest thing that can happen in the night he was wrong again. Later and deeper in the party, one of the Italian guys they have met at the club asked him to smoke weed, and even worse try an Adam (another term for ecstacy) with eight other people in the club and let loose for a group sex orgy. Even though drunk, he remembered the scene where cops are coming and him being captivated, so he kindly refused.

Later at around 3 am they went home to their dormitory with his 2 Austrian girl friends, and as they arrived, the owner of the dormitory smilingly says, welcome to the life of a backpacker.
And here is one of a great quick peek on how partying in Cambodia can be.

Over the last 30 years Cambodia has greatly evolved in sports, today football is a popular sport and martial arts which include Khmer kick boxing and the traditional Khmer wrestling, However the Khmer culture has a variety of games and the most popular ones are: Chhoung, Angkunh, Teanh Proart and Laik Kanseng.

Laik Kanseng: Laik Kanseng is player in the whole of Cambodia and is played with around ten people sitting in a cycle. The rules are simple you do not look behind or turn around then one person ties the ties the Krama and starts to run around the cycle behind the players and then drops the karma behind one of the players in the cycle. If the drop the krama behind you and you do not hit the person next to you in the direction the runner’s direction or the player who should have been hit picks up the krama and hits the unfortunate person it was dropped behind with it and they become the runner until they trick some other player.
Angkunh: The Angkunh is a large, dark brown nut of vine. Two groups of players get together a boy's team and then a girl's team. The teams now take the Angkunh, now called kuoy for the game purpose, and place three to five on the ground. They call these "planting kuoy". Each team now takes more of the nuts and throws the "hiting kuoy" to the planting kuoy, trying to hit them and the team that hits the least planting kuoys loses. 

Chhoung: To play the Chhoung two teams are needed- Agirls team and a boys teeam on opposite sides facing one another. Krama is tied into until it looks like a big cloth ball and it has loose edges to grip and throw.

The last of the most popular Khmer popular game is Teanh Proart which is a leather rope. Teah in English means pull. Boys and girls form different teams and a boy and a girl are chosen from each team and they stand at both ends of the rope.

In Phnom Penh Cambodia there are over 50 hotels on the river side and these include the following. Naga World Hotel and entertainment complex on the Phnom riverside, The Quay Boutique hotel, Himawari Hotel apartments, Hotel Cambodiana, Bougainvillier Hotel, River palace Hotel, River 108 Boutique Hotel, Ohana Phhnom Penh palace hotel, Imperial Garden Villah and Hotel, Landscpe Hotel,
Fcc Phnom Penh Boutique Hotel, Riverside suites, Mekong star hotel, Indochine 2 Hotel, Golden House international hotel, Khmeroyal Hotel, The river view Hotel, Me Mate’s place, Raffles Hotel Le Royal, Sunway Hotel Phnom Penh, Sunway Hotel Phnom penh, Frangipani Royal Palace hotel, Blue lime Hotel, Phnom penh Hotel, La Maison d Ambre, Frangipani Fine Hotel, Diamond Hotel, City centre Hotel, Hotel Cara, Sokha Club Hotel, Silver River Hotel, Golden River palace Guest house, Diamond Palace II Hotel, Golden Noura Villa, Monsoon Boutique Hotel, Queen Wood Hotel, Le Leela Villa Hotel, Golden Noura Villa pub and restaurant, Angkor International Hotel, Green Centre Point Inn, Dara Reang Sey Hotel Phnom penh, International Guest house, Amanjay Pancam Hotel, Water view guest house, Bellevue Serviced Apartments, Pilatus Hotel, Pillar Hotel, Casa Boutique Hotel, Nana Hotel and coffe Resturant, Asia Hotel, Holiday Villa Phnom Penh. Are all on the riverside in the capital of Cambodia.

Cambodia has got several newspapers. The Cambodian mainly for information on sports, music, jobs, entertainment, types of food, tourism, travel, movies, real estate and business. Cambodian has many newspapers and news sites. These include; Cambodia Daily, Phnom Penh Post, Cambodia Express News, Koh Santepheap, Kampuchea Thmei Daily, Cambodia Information Centre(CIC), Ka-set and BBC Country profile. All these contribute daily in feeding Cambodians with news from all over the country. The leading Cambodian newspaper is The Cambodia Daily. It is printed in the English language. It was founded in 1993 and it is published daily six times a week in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. It is also an independent non-profit newspaper.
This paper was mainly established to equip the new generation of journalists with fact hitting the country. It was also established to provide a foundation for a new press in Cambodia. It was founded and was usually established by a Veteran American journalist who toured Cambodia in the 1960s and saw it best to help bring up a democratic country by coming up with The Cambodia Daily. He wanted to feature Cambodia’s pain and struggles. The people of Cambodia underwent a terrible pain and misery through the genocide that took place between 1975 and 1978. More than 1 million people lost their lives. Cambodia had many problems facing it. There was a high level of HIV/AIDS, malaria infection mostly in the rural areas and several medical shortcomings. This greatly interfered with the development of Cambodia. 

After all the long years of pain and sorrow, Cambodians decided to turn over a new leaf. They were dedicated more than ever so that they could attain the best. They got inspired to learn so that they could create a much peaceful and a happier environment.

Cambodians learnt several different skills including medicine, computer skills and business administration among others. The Cambodia Daily hopes to contribute to the country’s reforms. It also targets to create an informed public that will be able to make their own choices wisely even during elections. The people of Cambodia have greatly benefited from The Cambodia Daily that was established by a Veteran American who wanted to see the people of Cambodia living in a free democratic country. The Cambodia Daily brought a new sunrise to the citizens of Cambodia. 

life style?)
The word Cambodia comes from Cambodge which is French word which is also from Kampuchea (Khmer word). Kampuchea means Born of Kambu

The people of Cambodia are known as the Khmer but their language is also called Khmer and so is their culture so Khmer is much more than just a political identity but rather an ethnic and linguistic identity. 

Most of the Khmer stay in Village fish and farm the land for their food sources. More than three quarters of people in Cambodia live in Villages and their Houses are either Strung out on a river road or a canal or on the hillside or in groups and these homes are the sources of Cambodian pride. Marriage, death and birth and other major life events take place in the Cambodian Villages. Cambodians are very warm and welcoming though shy. The Khmer society is very conservative and moves along the lines of religion and family. The average daily income today in Cambodia is a little above a dollar and this makes the one of the poorest people in Asia.

The Khmer people follow a traditional life style and most of them occupy villages and engage in traditional agriculture on small farms. The majority of Khmer famers live in sedentary villages and most of them grow rice and basic crops.

Every morning villagers walk to the fields carrying their traditional tools with their cattle or buffalo and at the end of the day they return to the shelter of the village.
Those who don’t live in sedentary villages /Permanent villages do stay in temporally shelters until the end of the growing season and the return to their villages and they are known as shifting cultivators and mostly they live in the rugged upland areas. These people mostly live in the North eastern province and belong to the hill tribes.

The main food of the Khmer is rice and most farmers have been planting rice since the time of their Khmer empire and to date they still use their traditional techniques.

Cambodia blessed with good water sources. Some Cambodians do run businesses from their shop houses but this is about 10 percent of the population and about 8% of the population work for the government.

The Khmer normally have three meals a day and rice is almost served at every meal, the main source of protein is Fish for most Cambodians.

Today adult literacy is more than 65% but sadly less girls than boys continue school. There are a lot of traditional arts in Cambodia especially the classical dance and folk Dancing.

Cambodia is famous for the world renowned Angkor Wat, and thus there are hotels that houses the tourists that come to see the Angkor Wat.

One of the most famous hotels out there is the Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra Golf and Spa Resort, Sofitel Angkor Phokeehtra Golf and Spa Resort offers a five-star accommodations and it is very close to Angkor Wat which is considered as a World Heritage. Enjoy what this hotel has to offer, by combining Khmer and French architecture design will bring you a magnificent environment you’ve yet to see, also this hotel always and for many years consistent in being rated as one of the best hotels in Siem Reap.
Another famous hotel in Siem Reap is the La Residence d’ Angkor. It is on the other hand is a kind of hotel that is a fully Khmer-styled within a leafy garden. It is created and built having the local style while having the modern comforts as an addition that ensures you a welcoming and a great atmosphere. 

Having these great hotels Cambodia offers also world-class employees. Of course, five-star hotels also need five-star class employees to have also a five-star experience. To ensure that you will have an experience that can be considered as a five-star experience, there is an academy that helps mold young people to be such a five-star employees which is called the FTMS Global Academy (Cambodia) Private Limited.

FTMS Cambodia is a subsidiary of FTMS Global and was incorporated last September 2011. It is also located in the Phnom Penh tower which has modern design and state of the art equipments. They cater students who enroll in them to be able to compete in the ever fast growing competition in the world now. One of such courses they offer is Hospitality and Tourism Management that focuses mainly on how to serve other people for them to have a great experience.

Why not go to Cambodia and try the experience you never knew you can have somewhere else? Five-star accommodation, with five-star and world-class employees to serve you, which will assure you with five-star experience you never did experience before.

Cambodia has a variety of festivals and events that are celebrated throughout the year. In almost all the months, they must automatically have an event or a festival to celebrate. In January, they celebrate the Victory Day Over Genocide. The whole country celebrates this as it is a national holiday. It marks the end of the trying moments in history and the fall of the Khmer Rogue. In February, the Cambodians celebrate the Meak Bochea Day and the Chinese New Year. The Meak Bochea Day is mainly celebrated by Buddhists and it is held on the full moon day of the third lunar month. This was done to purify the mind, to keep away from bad deeds and to do good. In March, International Women’s Day is celebrated. This is a great chance for the women in Cambodia to show all they have got. Cambodia New Year is celebrated in April. It is normally celebrated for 3 days after the end of the harvest and to mark the beginning of the New Year. 
In May, the Cambodians celebrate the Visaka Bochea Day (Birthday of Buddha) and Royal Ploughing Day. Cambodians have a great passion for farming and so every year this ceremony takes place in the large park next to the Royal Palace. They do celebrate the birthday of the Buddha. They therefore make different kinds of offering; engage in charitable acts and humble behavior. During the month of June and July they celebrate the birthday of the former queen. This event is held in the capital city of Cambodia where there is firework display which is held close to the riverbanks in front of the Royal Palace. In the month of August, there is actually no celebration and so during the month of September, they celebrate Constitution Day and Bonn Pchum Ben. The constitution was adopted in September 24th a993 and so they have to celebrate the day. In Bonn Pchum Ben period, they make offerings to the monks in order to gain merit.

During the festive season of Pchum Ben Day, the Cambodian people bless the souls of ancestors, relatives, family and friends who have passed away. They greatly honor the spirits of ancestors. In October, they celebrate the former King Sihanouk’s birthday, the Royal coronation of King Sihamonia and Bonn Kathen. During the royal coronation of King Sihamonia, only evening fireworks are thrown next to the river in Phnum Penh. In November, they celebrate the water festival; they receive many visitors from many provinces. Boat races are also involved during this season. The Independence Day marks the independence from France and it is celebrated in the 9th of November. Lastly, they celebrate the human rights day in December. This is carried out on the 10th. This is the time when cultural events are held at the national stadium in Phnon Penh, the capital city of Cambodia

The war in Cambodia is long gone and it among a must see destination in southeastern Asia. It has ancient temples like the Angkor wat temple which is the biggest Buddhist temple in the world, great beaches and exotic jungles and these are just a few of the best attractions in Cambodia. In the French indo-China Phnom Penh the Capital of Cambodia with more than one million residents and was once considered one of the most beautiful cities in the French colonies. The French colonial charm survived the decades of war in Cambodia and people are still experiencing it since 1953 independence. Cambodia’s French colonialists left beautiful public buildings and great private villas even though they are dilapidated today due to many years of war. The capitol Phnom Penh offers its visitor a variety of café, restaurants and Hotels; it also has an excellent National museum, the silver Pagoda and royal palace.
Manu areas of Phnom Penh with a lovely night life and a beautiful Riverfront you can still see Cambodians struggling through poverty but despite the poverty Cambodian economy is starting to flourish and the people of Cambodia desire to learn English. 

The demand for English teachers has been consistently strong in Cambodia since the End of the war. 

Education in Cambodia is very decentralize and it has three levels from the district to provincial and then to the central government and is lead by the ministry of Education, Youth and sports which establishes national guideline and policies. The government of Cambodia guaranties access to the universal right of free Education by making it constitutional to have free compulsory Education for nine years.

The official language of Cambodia is Khmer. English Language in Cambodia is a language of prosperity and is mostly taught in private schools. In public schools it has been taught mostly by Volunteers coming from Britain and the USA. There are also private English schools in the capital Phnom Penh.

Cambodia, one of the historical places of the world, celebrates its independence on November 9. The country became independent from France on 9 November since 1953. This article will analysis the unique history of the great country named Cambodia from the specific period of Prince Norodom Sihanouk ascension to the great throne until the historical time France granted Cambodia’s independence. 

Since then this South East Asian nation celebrates its independency. Cambodian history is no doubt considered one of the darkest periods of humanity in the past century. This nation has faced violence during World War II or during 1970s-1980s under the rule of Khmer Rouge Empire. The hard worker natives of Cambodia did work hard to change their fate and finally they got succeeded in achieving independence from the brutality, roughness and violence. 
The smile could be seen on the faces of innocent Cambodian’s because of peace after independence in 21st century. This means, Cambodia is also among those countries that fought vigorously for their independence from the violence of rulers. 

Cambodia is not just famous because of violence and bloodshed in pat but there are various interesting facts about the country that encourage people to know more and more about this part of the world. Because of the efforts at government level, tourism grew in 21st century that brought peace and happiness for natives. Now the country is in the list of all great tourist lands in the world.

Tourists come to visit this beautiful independent land every year in great numbers and this is one of the fast growing industries in Cambodia. The country is taking more efforts to develop more awareness about evident historical marvels and also the affluent cultural heritage of Cambodia. The country is no doubt one of the best tourist’s countries in the world.

Sihanoukville bar girls

The simplest place to meet Cambodian bar girls is, with no doubt, in Sihanoukville's delightful glut of hostess bars. Hostess bars have women who are there to entertain customers with games and dialog. The amount of women working at any one hostess bar changes depending on how big the bar and the budget of the bar owner, but for your typical bar there are maybe 10 to twenty girls in the bar on any given evening waiting to satisfy you.

Sihanoukville Girl
Sihanoukville hostess bars are somewhat different than the girls located in Thailand because the women used there are not permitted to do any dancing, but other than that, the pubs function virtually the same manner. The club women are compensated an income however they may bring in much more from tips. The typical wages for Sihanoukville bar girls in hostess bars is $50 - $80 per month. Their income isn't very much by American standards, but it pays more compared to the next most accessible option, working within the nearby garment factories. The club women do work pretty hard, generally getting just two days off every month. Their work entails making dialogue and enjoying whatever games the bar has with the clients. Pool, foosball, and connect four are a few of typically the very popular alternatives. The girls may ask clients to purchase woman drinks to them, which gets the club girls $1 and costs the client about $3. Once the hostess bar they function at closes around 2am, tons of women supplement their earnings by freelancing at various discos around the city.

It is really simple to meet these girls, in the end, it's their job to discuss with individuals and some foreign men living Sihanoukville form relationships with Sihanoukville bar women working in hostess bars. Hostess bars are a unique part of the SEA region, and if you haven't been to one before, it's quite the experience.

Current Cambodia is the follow-up to the powerful Khmer dynasty, which, throughout the Angkorian period, took over what is now Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos. The remains of the kingdom can be viewed at-the temples of Angkor, monuments unique in size and magnificence in south-east Asia. The traveler's first glance of Angkor Wat, the greatest expression of Khmer brilliance, is elegant and is coordinated by just a few select places on earth, for example Petra or Machu Picchu.
Cambodia is known more than its temples, just as Angkor is more than its wat. The disorderly yet magnetic capital Phnom Penh is a heart of economic energy, political interest, and rational argument. All-too frequently ignored by overly eagar tourists checking off Angkor on a local visit, the renewed city is finally earning praise thanks to its location next to a river, a cultural revival, and a fine dining scene to equal anywhere in the area.

Phnom Penh and Siem Reap might be the heavyweights, but somewhat they're a bubble, a planet from the Cambodia of the country. It is the spot to feel the tempo of rural existence and timeless landscapes of swaying sugar palms and stunning rice paddies. The South Coastline is surrounded by islands, with only a number of beach huts in sight. Further in from the coast lay the Cardamom Hills, part of the huge tropical forests that will be the entrance to appearing ecotourism adventures and offers a home to evasive wildlife. The great Mekong River cuts through-the country and hosts some of-the area's last remaining freshwater dolphins. The Northeast is its own special world, with its crazy and hilly landscapes that make a dwelling for Cambodia's minorities and a good amount of natural attractions.

If you're looking for a place to visit, you can do no wrong than Cambodia. This exotic locale will give you memories for years to come.

The seaside resort of Sihanoukville is quickly becoming a vacation destination in its own right, with tons of islands and parks and things-to do from walking and discovering, scuba diving and surfing and boat trips, waterfalls, jungle hikes, and cooling in a hammock in a peaceful shore park reading a great novel. Culturally there are the nearby wats (temples), the marketplaces along with the colleges, where many come to contribute money and time towards training the children.

Sihanoukville is situated in the shore of Cambodia, about midway between Thailand and Vietnam, in the Bay of Thailand. A distributed out tourist town for both foreigners and nearby folks from throughout the nation. Three attributes of the township are outlined by warm beaches and islands. Full of Buddhist Temples, crowded beaches, restaurants, fish, empty beaches, bars, casinos, resorts, and more beaches. Most places a least speak English, and there are usually a few French speakers here as well. About 30 additional dialects are voiced at restaurants and different guesthouses.

The best time to come in Sihanoukville is between the conclusion of February and the start of November. The sun is shining most times; there is cooler weather, and not a worry on earth. Winter in Sihanoukville is the greatest! Low period is between the start of July till the end of October tons of rainfall. March to June begins to get warmer and moister, but perhaps not a lot of rain. October sees every day to a small rain, which cools things down. In Addition, throughout many Cambodian vacations, the city fills up too.

Discover Cambodia's most attractive islands off the seaside resort of Sihanoukville. The Beach of Thailand is marked with attractive and largely untamed islands; a number of these are still vacant. On the tours we visit Koh Rung Samloem, Koh Rung, Koh Prins and Koh Tang. Appreciate the white sandy beaches, tons of angling and swimming opportunities, clear waters ideal for surfing, mangroves and bird sanctuaries.

The city of Angkor, located in northwest Cambodia, was the administrative centre of the kingdom called the Khmer Empire for over 500 years. The term "angkor" means capital in Khmer. Angkor Wat became one of the most architecturally elaborate locations within the planet between the 9th and the 13th centuries, but it was forgotten by the majority of its people, when armies from Thailand seized the city 1431.

The biggest element of the complex is recognized as Angkor Wat. The term "Wat" means monastery, and it had been utilized as merely that. This large temple was constructed by King Suryavarman II, who embellished and built it in his Hindu beliefs. Devoted to the Hindu Gods Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva, It had been a holy area for all but quickly in the opinion of King Jayavaraman VII made the decision that the Hindu gods had neglected him. At the time, Buddhism was common in the building of Angkor Thom, a brand new neighborhood capital. The Hindu deities and decorations were changed by Buddhist carvings, sculptures, and additional art, once it became a Buddhist shrine.

The whole town where Angkor Wat is situated extends fifteen miles from East to West and 13 miles North to South. Around the temples the landscape is designed by and complex system of canals, reservoirs, and moats that were employed for irrigation and water management. The entire system represented the Hindu thought of the main mountain, Mt. Meru, a home for the Gods. Angkor Wat's main towers symbolize the highs of the sacred hill. The oceans are suggested by the enormous moat around the shrine at the border of the whole world. Crossing this moat means walking over a 188-meter bridge.

In early 15th century, when Angkor was entirely forgotten, till the late 19th century, Angkor was held unchanged by the Theravada Buddhist monks. Angkor soon became one of the very important religious pilgrimage sites in South-East Asia.

Tourism of Cambodia

Cambodia is found within the center mainland of South-East Asia, which brings pictures of a wonderful and mysterious past and abundant of the cultural heritages, especially the planet's celebrated early temple city whose bewitching image attracts ever increasingly tourists from all around the planet.

The aspects of the Kingdom attract both casual traveler and the serious, normally charmed and occasionally confused by its secrets. Not just Angkor Wat, Bayon, Sandstone of historic holy places, Taprohm, the large roots of ancient trees, the elegant styles of Apsaras and some temples hidden in the rainforest, hill tribes settled in the distant areas, strings of beautiful islands and the millennium shore, colorful pagodas as a part of cultural excursion that Cambodia is happy with her presentation, but additionally the grandeur of the Khmer culture and its individuals who've proven their friendliness everywhere you relocate the nation.
For most, Cambodia first brings up the image of the Angkor (the glorious Empire erected by Leaders between the ninth and 13th centuries) that proceeds to garner affection from Khmers and foreigners likewise. The calamity and humanity of the character have neglected to endanger the amazement of Angkor. As a testimony to the country that was symbolized by the Empire at the present day, the temples remain with an enigmatic magnificence.

They're the silent witnesses to the recurrent cycles of existence, which happen with each rainy period. The Empire rises back-to life and appears from its lethargy. Clouds, bloated with wetness, burst their monsoon rains to load within the Tonle Sap (Great River) that provide over thousands shades of clean water fishes.

Each year, the nation is changed in a nature cycle that is distinctive to Cambodia. The movement of the mighty Mekong River swells till it pushes the Tonle Sap to change its path, pressing up supply from the historic capital. Each year, the change of the lake is observed with the nation's most breathtaking Water Event in November.

Cambodian nightlife comprises a myriad of alternatives varying from crowds dancing with pleasure to the beats of DJs to brothels employing indentured women offered by their own parents. Cambodia is a patriarchal society which means women are employed at numerous institutions to supply amusement for guys. Guys make up the bulk of those that venture out to benefit from the many kinds of amusement Cambodian girls supply.

Following a day to the seashore, or visiting around, some fine dining is offered by Sihanoukville. From the fifty cent Cambodian seafood soup into a gourmet buffet in the shore. The finest seafood in the nation is grilled right from the fish tank, and seen here, the same evening fresh caught.
Bars on roof tops, bars in discos, bars on the shore, bars on "The Mountain", bars on boats, bars in resorts, bars from Ireland, bars on islands, Portugal, Britain, Sweden, New Zealand, Sydney, Vietnam, China, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Spain, Croatia, India, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Thailand, Portugal, Europe, Holland, USA, and Hong Kong are a couple of your alternatives.

Dance halls proceed till early morning and here begin after at night. Karaoke is also enormous in Sihanoukville, as in the majority of Asia. Most locations have a modest collection of British music, but it could be fun seeing the Cambodians, having a nice time.

Most resorts at evening have a collection of publications in British and within the vocabulary of the international owner. Several have DVD movies at evening or foreign sports on television. Night can be the top time to discuss with the hotel employees and other visitor for preparing the next day's actions.

Several pubs and resorts today have TV's offering sporting occasions and present films. Most have no cover, but you are likely to drink or eat when you are there (unless is in your resort). There is one movie theatre with AC in the city beginning in-the late morning 'til night.

Cambodia is one of the traditional, historical and cultural lands in South East Asia. This part of land has history that has been written with the blood of innocent Cambodians. This great country has taken independence since November 9, 1953. Then another period of struggle has been started there, the struggle of better living, better livelihood, better education and better social life. 

Now, Cambodia is enjoying the best tourism, the best business environment and best social life, all this is the result of hard work done by Cambodians. There are number of newspapers in Cambodia because of the freedom of press and other printing media but we will talk about some leading newspapers.

Here is a list of some leading newspaper in Cambodia:
1. Cambodia Daily
This newspaper comes in English language. This was founded in 1993 and published 6 times in a single week.
2. Phnom Penh Post
This poignant and illustrious newspaper launched in 1992, in English language. It is Cambodia’s oldest newspaper in international language.
3. Koh Santepheap
Khmer-language famous newspaper of Cambodia was published in Phnom Penh.
4. Kampuchea Thmei Daily
This leading newspaper is famous for featuring sports, events, jobs, politics, business, history and weather. 
All above are leading news papers in Cambodia. The country has special and unique printing media set up. The country is self sufficient in its media’s equipments and manpower. There is a huge competition between each newspaper but the working atmosphere is friendly and helping. Cambodians like to see their country prosperous and peaceful, for they prefer peaceful atmosphere, where everyone can work freely and confidently. The media is free but in favor of government because of good efforts at government level. There are number of newspapers that are enjoying grants from the government. So the life of newspaper in Cambodia is active and satisfied.

Cambodia has protracted culture and history. We can easily see all that merriments allied to culture that are almost uncountable. Among all the famous events of New Year in Cambodia, the Khmer New Year is at the top of the list. It is celebrated with pride, honor and contentment every year in the middle of April. This event doesn’t only aim at merry-making or enjoying; in fact, it contains useful connotations to educate the mentalities of the people of Cambodia. 
Another reason to celebrate this event is just to refresh the undesirable livelihood of people of Cambodia in past and to put feel into new era where their livelihood is better than in past. They wish for better lives in this Khmer New Year. They buy new clothes for themselves, their friends and for their family, clean houses, Buddhist pagodas and their other religious shrines.

Furthermore, the clergyman usually advise the disputed parties to join together and resolve all of their disputes and to reunite as a single-family during the coming year. Traditional games of Khmer are played during the celebrations of New Year. These games are played for the purpose to show unity and happiness in the country besides the entertainment. All games enlightens the intellectual power in order to overcome the hindrances, values of forgiveness, empower justice, power of love and other ideologies. 

Cambodian people are hard worker and they show their hard working spirit in their festivals too by plying different games. In order to refresh the feeling of freedom, they celebrate their event in different ways but every way depicts their eagerness and happiness in their lives. They also visit to the birth lands of their ancestors in order to pray for them. They show reunion between them and their parents, grandparents and forefathers. The people of Cambodia have deep relationship and feelings with their history and they show their love for their forefathers in this way. It means there is a lack of generation gap in Cambodia.

Cambodian resort is hotel full of beauty situated about two hundred meters from southern Cambodia where the best premier Beach of Sihanouk Ville is located. The resort is associated with a lavish type of nightlife and entertainment. 

Another important factor to note about the hotel is that it is vast with fully furnished large rooms; the rooms are about sixty in number. The resort normally attracts guests with the taste of real luxury as it offers all the things a person might need so as to experience not just luxurious but also comfortable life making the experience there spectacular. 
This place has a serene atmosphere; it is somewhere one would wish to forever stay at. It is important to note that the natives of this place are very friendly and love a taste of what is referred to as real good life, due to that fact, the nightlife here is one of its kind in terms of experience. The hotel also has designed with nice looking swimming pools constructed using modern architectural designs. For those who enjoy shopping, the resort is surrounded by various shopping malls.

Cambodian beach resort is designed with state of art features, it attracts a large number of both local and international tourists, for bookings, they provide both over the counter and also online booking for those who are far away but would like to book for accommodations.

It is important to note that the resort also offers good services for their customers, they have well trained personnel employed to enhance proper and better services to those they serve.

There are various types of meals prepared in the resort are, all set to meeting the needs of their customers. They do accommodate their guests in different state of rooms according to each and every guest’s needs, the names given to the various rooms are; superior, deluxe room, Premier deluxe room, there is the junior suite and lastly the elegance suite, this is so to enable them meet every customers need in terms of accommodation.

In conclusion, Cambodian Resort Sihanouk is a nice superb boutique to be at, so to enjoy the various experiences full of luxury in a tranquil atmosphere.

Cambodia is a lively country that consists of citizens who do not value their lives as much. They view life as very cheap to them. Cambodian cities have nightspots such as pubs and clubs. People enjoy themselves in these nightspots. They have very good nightspots where they sell local handicrafts and other goods. Some of the nightspots are found in Angkor night market. Most of the Cambodian bars are close to the old market and the river. The riverside foud in some of the Cambodian cities are the places where people enjoy visiting. Tourism also takes place in Cambodia. Actually at night, so many things take place. The Asian beauties in Cambodia sell goods or services to people outdoor on an open air market. Just spending a night with them may live one with a lasting memory or even more. Their love has always been known to be long-lasting. The rate of HIV is so high in Cambodia and it is alarming. This is because of sex which is actually the best form of income.

There are so many touts and beggars in Cambodia. The beggars are always everywhere along the streets both during the day and at night. Most of the younger beggars are normally forced to beg by some elderly people. After dark, one walking carelessly on the road may find it very hazardous. Most of the Cambodian motorists get drunk at night and they also lack basic skills on riding motorcycles. This therefore results into aimless accidents along the road. Drug trafficking mostly take place during the night in Cambodia. They sell drugs such as cocaine, cannabis, e.t.c. some of the drug dealers may get you into trouble if you do not co-operate with them. Cambodia has always been known to be a high crime country. Tourists are always targeted as a source of income. There are therefore petty thefts and even robberies. People may even be mugged at night while on the back of a motorcycle.

Cambodian girls on the other side are generally small and dark. They are not very physically appealing. Some of them are even malnourished and weak. Cambodian girls practice prostitution. They consider this as a profession. Mostly prostitution is practiced by young women from the village who come to the city after giving birth and abandoned. They range from 22 to 28 years old. Some of the divorced women do so because of their lazy husbands, who lose money at cards or casino. Many of them do look for a foreigner to build a family with. Most of the Cambodian girls are very immature and are actually into a serious game of sex. They like hanging around night clubs and along the streets at night to wait for the customers. Some of the nightclubs in Cambodia are very expensive and consists of pools and free lancers.

Cambodians celebrate their New Year in April. The holiday lasts for 3 days. It is celebrated after the end of the harvest and to mark the beginning of the New Year. Cambodians play a number of games and perform rituals during this period. The three days of the New Year are the Maha Songkran, Vanabod Leung Sakk. Maha Songkran marks the ending of the year and the beginning of a new one. To welcome this day, people clean up their houses, dress up, light candles and burn incense sticks at shrines. Each family visits the Buddha to give thanks for his teachings and to place flowers on the altar. On the second day which is known as the Vanabot, people engage in charity to the less fortunate. On the third and the last day which is known as Leung Sakk, Buddhists cleanse statutes of the Buddha with scented water. It is believed that this will ensure a good rainy and fertile season. This ceremony of cleansing the Buddha’s statutes is known as Pithi Srang Preah.
The New Year’s celebration also consists of different customs which are carried out by the Cambodian people. Cambodian normally erects a sand hillock on temple grounds. This is done in most temples. This is done by mounting up a huge pointed hill of sand in the centre. This hill of sand represents Sakyamuni Satya, the stupa at Taratimsa, where the Buddha’s hair and diadem are buried. The big stupa is actually surrounded by four small ones. These represent the stupas of the Buddha’s favorite disciples. His favourite disciples are Sariputta, Moggalana, Aranda and maha Kassapa. They also poured water or a mixture of water and chalk powder. This tradition is known as the Sraung Preah. This tradition was mostly performed by the younger generation.

During the New Year’s celebrations, many games were played. These games were mainly traditional. They had a game known as Bos Angkunh. This game was played by two groups of boys and girls. They put the hand in the hole. They also had a game known as Tres. In this game, one person throws a ball and the other person catches it with one hand while catching sticks using the other hand. Chab Kon kleng was another interesting game. It was played by imitating a hen as she protects her chicks from a crow. This game is played on the first night of the New Year. They had aseveral other games such as, Boss angkunha Leak Kanseng, Cholchoung, and Klah Klok. Klah Klok was played by Cambodians of all ages. It involves a mat and some dice. It is actually a gambling game.

In Cambodia dance can be classified in three main categories which are Social dance which is mainly performed on social functions/gatherings, Classical dance which is of the royal court and is mostly used for entertainment, Invocation and to pay homage and to pay and the Folk dance which mainly portrays Cambodian culture.

Folk dance: The Cambodian folk dance generally started in the twentieth century and represents various ethnic and cultural traditions of Cambodia. The dances are faster paced and the movements are not stylized and the dancers wear clothes of the people they portray and these maybe peasants, farmers or hilly tribes. The trot dance is a very popular dance that represents a tale of a hunter and a deer. The Sneak Toseay Dance originates from the Pursat province and mimics the pear people.
Chhyam folk dance is a well known a well known dance about pleasure and this is a pure Khmer dance performed at holidays.

Robam Kom Araek came from the Kuy people but people believe it came from the Philippines during the times of king Norodom. 

Social dances in Cambodia are performed during social gatherings and it includes dances like Chok Krapeus,Saravann, Lam Leay and Romyong however other dances from around the world have had an impact on the Cambodian social dance and culture which include Bolero, Madison and Cha-cha which are normally performed banquet parties in Cambodia. 

The most interesting dance in Cambodia is the Classical dance. The premiere performing art of Cambodia is Khmer classical dance and it is a very stylized dance which came from the royal courts. Khmer classical dance performance requires music played by a pin peat ensemble and costumed dancers. This dance is normally performed to pay homage guests and royalty and as well as invocation of spirits. The Khmer classical dance was introduced to the public in the 20th century to the general public and is today cerebrated as an icon of Cambodian Culture. Today it is performed at holidays, performed to tourists visiting Cambodia and at public events.

The Cambodian children house of peace is a local NGO WHICH PROVIDES FOOD, Shelter and other basic needs to vulnerable or orphaned children that hail from the province of Siem reap. And the vision is (To provide growth in body, mind and spirit for vulnerable children in a community of peace.). The Children’s house was started in 2007 by an American tourist who teamed with the Khmer people to help the vulnerable children.
The Cambodian children’ house of peace is home to 30 children in the age bracket of seven(7) to eighteen years and it provides food shelter, healthcare, Education, clothing Moral development, arts, Recreation and other basic needs, and other things that children need to be natured and grow into responsible and proper citizens.

The children generally come from very poor backgrounds in the country side villages mostly of the province of Siem Reap. This province lacks resources for schools both as a community and in families. Most of the children in this region are either abandoned or orphaned. A few children have both surviving parents and most have one parent. All these situation lead to families having many children in one family and this only adds to the burden they are already carrying. The area is still recovering from the decades of war. In Siem Reap province almost every family has lost a member illness, torture, starvation during the decade of war

The staff of the Cambodian children’s’ house of peace see thriving of children from waif to healthy and happy in just weeks. The relatives of these children who survived are very grateful for the support the Cambodian children’s home offers like Education. The relatives can visit or telephone their children from time to time and the children go back to their families during the school Holidays.

Cambodia is one of the smallest countries in East Asia which is of great importance to those who want to explore the earth and learn new things. The 1970s Pole Pot regime almost destroyed the country but political stability and good leadership has resuscitated the country which is now one of the key countries in East Asia.  

The country boasts of a number of historical sites with the Angkor Temple attracting a lot of travelers who go there to sample the best that it offers. The temple represents the countries ancient khmer heritage and is one of the places frequently visited in Cambodia. The country attracts over 2 million tourists every year and has a number of facilities which serve the visitors. They include; bars, hotels, and accommodation facilities. 

The Sihanoukville beach is one of the areas that attract many visitors who go there to enjoy opaque water golden sand, and a relaxed atmosphere which is away from the crowded cities. The capital city Phnom Penh is among the few cities in the region that is absorbing with a memorable nightlife. The city has in the recent past become an arty hub and boasts of a number of boutique fashion galleries and store shops. The city has several tuk tuk offering their services and vendors who sell all sorts of wears.

Your tour in Cambodia would not be complete if you do not visit Cambodia’s national parks. The exotic fauna, fish species, countless mammal species including the Asian elephant and Indochinese tiger are some of the things that must be seen. The ancient Angkor Wat temple is one area that you must visit to crown your tour in this beautiful country. The Cambodian people are welcoming and will help you enjoy your stay in the country. Ensure that you visit the country if you want to have the best.

Over the last 30 years Cambodia has greatly evolved in sports, today football is a popular sport and martial arts which include Khmer kick boxing and the traditional Khmer wrestling, 

Yuthakun Khom is not a combat sport but a complete art for the battle field, It is considered a complete martial art which uses throws, drags, strikes, rocking, trapping, and elements of ground fighting. In Kawmyot every part of the body can be used as a weapon and those who practice it must be trained to strike with hands, elbows knees, shins, feet and head. Even the hips, shoulders, fingers and jaws can be used to bring the opponent to death or submission.

Radal Serey is today making a strong come back since it was banished in the 1970’s. Today numerous gyms have opened and they have registered Avery big number of local and foreign students and they all come to Cambodia to train in Serey. There are many televised weekly matches and the best of Cambodia have travelled internationally for competition. The Cambodians are trying to market their boxing style to the like of Muay Thai. And it has about 70 boxing clubs today. Other sports are rugby, traditional boat racing and Sepak takraw.

The cultural games in recreation are these which are mostly played on the New years:

Laik Kanseng: Laik Kanseng is player in the whole of Cambodia and is played with around ten people sitting in a cycle. The rules are simple you do not look behind or turn around then one person ties the ties the Krama and starts to run around the cycle behind the players and then drops the karma behind one of the players in the cycle. If the drop the krama behind you and you do not hit the person next to you in the direction the runner’s direction or the player who should have been hit picks up the krama and hits the unfortunate person it was dropped behind with it and they become the runner until they trick some other player.
Angkunh: The Angkunh is a large, dark brown nut of vine. Two groups of players get together a boy's team and then a girl's team. The teams now take the Angkunh, now called kuoy for the game purpose, and place three to five on the ground. They call these "planting kuoy". Each team now takes more of the nuts and throws the "hiting kuoy" to the planting kuoy, trying to hit them and the team that hits the least planting kuoys loses. 

Chhoung: To play the Chhoung two teams are needed- Agirls team and a boys teeam on opposite sides facing one another. Krama is tied into until it looks like a big cloth ball and it has loose edges to grip and throw.

The last of the most popular Khmer popular game is Teanh Proart which is a leather rope. Teah in English means pull. Boys and girls form different teams and a boy and a girl are chosen from each team and they stand at both ends of the rope. 

The recreational activities include the cultural game of Cambodia and other outdoor activities like Jet-skiing, Dirt biking, trekking, golf,

Cambodia Independence

War engulfed the entire Cambodia Country and people lived in terror. After this long period of war, Cambodia became ever more chaotic. Cambodia was being ruled by the French. The French were determined to recover Indochina. This idea was under General Charles de Gaulle. Even though they were determined to do this, they offered Cambodia self-government. Nobody liked this idea. At some point, Cambodia had a brief period of independence from March to October in 1945. During this period, they were very free. Sihanouk who came from the capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, was given a position of trying to negotiate with the French for full independence. The Khmer Issarak was also a movement established to operate in the border areas. 
In 1954, the movement managed to control 50 percent of the Cambodian territory. Cambodians were allowed to form political parties in 1946. This would help them draft the country’s constitution. Royal princes headed the two major parties. Prince Sirowath Yutherong led the Democratic Party whose supporters included civil servants, teachers and others. Prince Norodom Norindeth on the other side led the Liberal Party whose supporters included large land owners.

The Democrats won with 50 out of 67 seats in the Consultative Assembly election which was held in 1946. The Democrats won a second time in the 1947 elections. Prince Yutherong who led the Democratic Party died and a leader came up to succeed him. This leader was King Sihanouk and he had a big task to fulfill the Cambodian dream of attaining independence. This made it possible for the Cambodians to control most administrative functions and even the Cambodian armed forces were granted freedom of action with a self-governing autonomous zone. French government still retained control over the judicial system, finances and customs. The Cambodians conducted a second National Assembly Elections in 1951 and the Democrats won a majority. Sihanouk wanted to gain at national trust and popularity and so he decided to ask the French to release nationalist son Ngoc Thanh from exile so that he can return to his country.

This was allowed by the French and the Cambodians celebrated his return. He founded a newspaper known as ‘Khmer Awake!’ and it was forced to cease publication. He refused to give in and so he went back to exile. The people of Cambodia almost turned to son Ngoc Thanh and Khmer Issarak so that they can attain the goal of independence. Sihanouk therefore went to France in 1953 to try his best. He got disappointed and the trip appeared to be a failure to him. He decided to publicize this goal in the media on his way home insisting that he would not return until the French assured him of full independence. The French finally yielded and the Cambodians attained independence. This led to a big triumph and this day was greatly celebrated on November 9, 1953

Ever consider going to Cambodia and visiting the Angkor Wat? Do you have any idea which hotel you should choose while staying in Cambodia?

Here are some of the hotels at the riverside that will not only allow you to enjoy your stay, but as well enjoy the grand view the riverside Phnom Penh can offer:
Riverside Suites
First let’s look at what Riverside Suites offer you.

Riverside Suits is located in Phnom Penh’s riverside with a magnificent view from the Bassac, Mekong and Tonle Sap rivers, they also offer a secluded and tranquil place to rest after the whole day of site seeing and of walking to the different tourist spots. From the balconies of the suites, enjoy some of the best views that Phnom Phen can offer. Free breakfast also is included in the room rates, and you can either have it in the comfort of your rooms, or in their sister restaurant which are several steps away from the hotel.

Quay Boutique Hotel
Quay Boutique Hotel is a 4 star river-side area hotel. With proximity only walks away in the Royal Palace, National Museum and also the silver Pagoda, together with the Wat Phnom and the Independence Monument of Cambodia. It also has its own restaurant to serve you breakfast lunch dinner and brunch where there is a wide variety of words to choose from. There is also a spa so you will be able to relax and release the stress you accumulated.

Lux Riverside Hotel and Apartments
The hotel is located at the heart of action in Phnom Penh, they have big rooms and clean showers. All the staffs are very helpful and very nice. Since it is a riverside hotel it is very near in the river which during nights you can walk out there and have a drink or grab some foods to eat. They offer also a buffet morning, which is already included in the rate. And lastly a Free WIFI is provided.

These are only three of the many choices you can stay at if you want to have a vacation in Cambodia especially in Phnom Penh that would offer you great experience in your stay at the place.
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