The seaside resort of Sihanoukville is quickly becoming a vacation destination in its own right, with tons of islands and parks and things-to do from walking and discovering, scuba diving and surfing and boat trips, waterfalls, jungle hikes, and cooling in a hammock in a peaceful shore park reading a great novel. Culturally there are the nearby wats (temples), the marketplaces along with the colleges, where many come to contribute money and time towards training the children.

Sihanoukville is situated in the shore of Cambodia, about midway between Thailand and Vietnam, in the Bay of Thailand. A distributed out tourist town for both foreigners and nearby folks from throughout the nation. Three attributes of the township are outlined by warm beaches and islands. Full of Buddhist Temples, crowded beaches, restaurants, fish, empty beaches, bars, casinos, resorts, and more beaches. Most places a least speak English, and there are usually a few French speakers here as well. About 30 additional dialects are voiced at restaurants and different guesthouses.

The best time to come in Sihanoukville is between the conclusion of February and the start of November. The sun is shining most times; there is cooler weather, and not a worry on earth. Winter in Sihanoukville is the greatest! Low period is between the start of July till the end of October tons of rainfall. March to June begins to get warmer and moister, but perhaps not a lot of rain. October sees every day to a small rain, which cools things down. In Addition, throughout many Cambodian vacations, the city fills up too.

Discover Cambodia's most attractive islands off the seaside resort of Sihanoukville. The Beach of Thailand is marked with attractive and largely untamed islands; a number of these are still vacant. On the tours we visit Koh Rung Samloem, Koh Rung, Koh Prins and Koh Tang. Appreciate the white sandy beaches, tons of angling and swimming opportunities, clear waters ideal for surfing, mangroves and bird sanctuaries.
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