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The word Cambodia comes from Cambodge which is French word which is also from Kampuchea (Khmer word). Kampuchea means Born of Kambu

The people of Cambodia are known as the Khmer but their language is also called Khmer and so is their culture so Khmer is much more than just a political identity but rather an ethnic and linguistic identity. 

Most of the Khmer stay in Village fish and farm the land for their food sources. More than three quarters of people in Cambodia live in Villages and their Houses are either Strung out on a river road or a canal or on the hillside or in groups and these homes are the sources of Cambodian pride. Marriage, death and birth and other major life events take place in the Cambodian Villages. Cambodians are very warm and welcoming though shy. The Khmer society is very conservative and moves along the lines of religion and family. The average daily income today in Cambodia is a little above a dollar and this makes the one of the poorest people in Asia.

The Khmer people follow a traditional life style and most of them occupy villages and engage in traditional agriculture on small farms. The majority of Khmer famers live in sedentary villages and most of them grow rice and basic crops.

Every morning villagers walk to the fields carrying their traditional tools with their cattle or buffalo and at the end of the day they return to the shelter of the village.
Those who don’t live in sedentary villages /Permanent villages do stay in temporally shelters until the end of the growing season and the return to their villages and they are known as shifting cultivators and mostly they live in the rugged upland areas. These people mostly live in the North eastern province and belong to the hill tribes.

The main food of the Khmer is rice and most farmers have been planting rice since the time of their Khmer empire and to date they still use their traditional techniques.

Cambodia blessed with good water sources. Some Cambodians do run businesses from their shop houses but this is about 10 percent of the population and about 8% of the population work for the government.

The Khmer normally have three meals a day and rice is almost served at every meal, the main source of protein is Fish for most Cambodians.

Today adult literacy is more than 65% but sadly less girls than boys continue school. There are a lot of traditional arts in Cambodia especially the classical dance and folk Dancing.
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