Ever played a game in your youth that reminds you how intense the battle was just to win a single game back then? To look back here are some of the most famous traditional Games in Cambodia:

Ongkunh is a kind of vine that is grown in Cambodia; it is usually consisted of a large stem and contains big and long fruits. Each fruit of the Ongkunh has several seeds that are circular and at the same time flat, with around 2-3 inches in diameter. When the fruit gets ripe the seed becomes hard and smooth and slolwly becomes color dark brown. The seed is the one that is used in the game Ongkunh. The said game Ongkunh is just to put it simply you just need to throw your Ongkunh in order to hit the opposing teams Ongkunh. 

It is a game of two teams to play, a group of girls as one team and the group of boys for the other team. A scarf is tied into knots until it becomes like a large ball with loose edges to grip and throw it. It starts when boy’s team throw the chhoung into the girls’ team. If the girls weren’t able to catch it they must pick it up and throw it back. The next boy who got the chhoung can try to hit the girl he likes with it, if the girl is hit she will need to sing and dance for him, if not it’s the girl’s team turn now to hit the boys.

Teanh Proart 
Proart means rope or a line, Teanh on the other hand means pull. It is much the same as our game the tug ‘o’ war. Girls and boys once again need to form into two groups one for the boys and one for the girls. And when the game starts the other team that crosses the line loses.

It is nice to look back and remember our youth days, just like anyone of us, Cambodia as well has their very own memorable games they can remember as they grow older.
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